EPS Product Prices

EPS/Styrofoam Prices

Expanded polystyrene rigid foam (EPS) is produced in white and pink colors. EPS turns into gray and has an increased thermal insulation with the adding of graphite during the production of its raw material.
Styrofoam prices are calculated through:

- firstly controlling its appropriateness to the feature and intended use of the building on which EPS products are applied.

White or carbonaceous EPS thermal insulation boards, filler foam, floor filler and jamb block are among the Styrofoam products.
The prices of white or pink Styrofoam, EPS foam and carbonaceous or graphite EPS products differ from each other.

EPS foams are applied on inclined roofs, garrets, roof overhangs, interior walls, filler blocks, exterior masonry coatings, basement floor coverings, platen walls of basement, and floor coverings for thermal insulation while they can also be used for exterior trimming jambs of the buildings. Alongside the buildings, Styrofoam has several usage areas such as special civil engineering constructions and packaging industry.

Used for siding or jacketing, Styrofoam covers the buildings on all sides and prevents heat transfer. It decreases heating and cooling cost. Jacketing system includes white or carbonaceous thermal insulation boards as well as adhesive, decorative plastering types and mounting accessories.

- Other important criteria regarding the Styrofoam or jacketing prices are technical values such as required heat conductivity factor and density.

- Other important criteria regarding the foam prices are size information including the length, width and height of the Styrofoam.

- Styrofoam prices are generally calculated over cubic meter while the jacketing prices are calculated over square meter units.
Upon obtaining these information, the right product intended for your need is determined and the optimum price calculation is made.

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