Sandwich Panel Prices

From factories to stadiums, from malls to swimming pools, sandwich panel is a durable and economic solution for many buildings. Along with industrial buildings and social areas, sandwich panel comes to the forefront as a product, preferred increasingly day by day with its new areas of implementation such as military buildings, agricultural buildings, prefabricated housing, worksite buildings, silos, and residences.

Which category is your building in? If you do not have a specifications, you can inform us about the usage features and we can offer you the appropriate product.

Ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing, as well as fire and load resistance for your buildings, sandwich panels are produced in 3 layers – inner sheet, outer sheet and insulation core.

Sandwich Panel Prices are determined according to the:

  • Inner and outer sheet type, metal thickness
  • Coating type and color of inner and outer sheet 
  • Insulation core type and thickness
  • Total amount of the order

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The function and needs of every building are different. Sandwich panel choice thus varies according to thermal, acoustic insulation, waterproofing and fire resistance needs of your building.

Selecting the PUR, PIR, Mineral Wool and EPS insulation core in accordance with the need of your building positively affects the performance you will obtain from the sandwich panel.

The metal substratum, coating type and color to be used on the sandwich panel surfaces shall be chosen according to the function of your building, the environmental conditions it will be exposed to, and aesthetical and economic needs. 

Metal surface alternatives of sandwich panels:

  • Pre-painted sheet obtained by coating the hot dipped galvanized or galvalume sheet
  • Natural or pre-painted aluminum and stainless steel

As the most preferred substratum, galvanized sheet strengthens the structural resistance of the sandwich panel, and ensures that the sandwich panel is more long-lasting by protecting the insulation layer.

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