Personal Data Processing And Storing, Privacy And Cookies Policy


To set the procedures on methods and processes required by Information Security Management System of Teknopanel Çatı ve Cephe Panel Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“Company” or “Teknopanel”) for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of corporate information and personal data in connection with the Company’s processing and protection of Personal Data.


All information assets and personal data in the Company are covered by this procedure.


  • All employees are jointly responsible for protecting personal data and the Company’s reliability and image.
  • PDP Board is responsible for creating, implementing and ensuring the efficiency of policies, procedures and instructions.
  • The Board aims to ensure the security of all kinds of physical and electronic information assets used in information technologies for continuation of basic and supportive business activities with minimum disruption.
  • We ensure compliance with PDPL requirements in contracts with third parties.
  • Confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information are taken as the basis while processing, transferring and storing personal data.
  • Physical/electronic personal data are processed according to access authorization matrices. No employee has unauthorized access to personal data.
  • All employees are regularly given awareness training on personal data protection.
  • PDP Board convenes at least twice a year or as legal and contractual needs arise, and takes, implements and measures the efficiency of required decisions.
  • Access and data adjustment logs are kept and inalterability is ensured for all data processed by the Company, including personal data.
  • All data of the Company including personal data are regularly backed up and verified for business continuity through tests made for restoring backup.
  • Access rights including personal data processing environments are regularly controlled and verified for currency.
  • Confidentiality of Company-related information is ensured in personal and electronic communication and in exchanges with third parties.
  • Personal data inventory is kept up to date as ordered by law and related secondary regulations, the registry declaration is updated within 7 days in case of occurrences that may require changes.
  • Requests of related persons are rigorously handled and replied within the legal period.
  • All kinds of data processed by the Company including personal data, the processing environment and risks on the system are handled, and action plans are created for risks that should be mitigated.
  • Administrative and technical precautions are taken to prevent data breaches. Possible breaches despite precautions are assessed within the scope of procedures and managed in accordance with legal requirements.
  • All policies, procedures and instructions are easily accessible by employees.
  • Internal audits are conducted, missing practices are detected, and corrective-preventive actions are taken.

4.Usage of Information:

The right to benefit from the website only belong to users and cannot be transferred to other persons.

Teknopanel places importance on the privacy of information sent by its users, and uses the obtained information within the framework of integrity and good faith principles as per laws. Teknopanel obtains the information in line with the intended use within appropriate scope, and uses it for clearly specified purposes. Teknopanel takes necessary precautions to keep accurate and up-to-date records of information and to prevent such records. Teknopanel shall assume no responsibility in the event that confidential information is damaged or obtained by third parties in consequence of attacks to websites and systems although Teknopanel has taken necessary precautions for information security.

Teknopanel shall not disclose the obtained information to third parties other than for the following purposes:

  • Fulfilling obligations imposed by laws and by legal rules in force,
  • Providing information in order to protect the rights or security of users,
  • In the event that information about the users is requested for a research or investigation duly conducted by administrative and judicial authorities,
  • In cases when information processing is a statutory obligation.

5. Sensitive Information and Information Security

Teknopanel takes necessary electronical, physical and procedural precautions for the security of information provided by users.Teknopanel shall assume no responsibility in the event that confidential information is damaged or obtained by third parties in consequence of attacks to websites and systems although Teknopanel has taken necessary precautions for security.

6. Cookies Usage

Teknopanel reads cookies from your computer in certain cases. Cookies are transferred from Teknopanel to your computer via web browser, and are used as online security precautions to ensure that the system recognizes you when you return to our website. By using this site, you accept that our website, web server and trusted third parties (such as advertisement networks) place cookies on your computer.

7. Changes, Deletion and Transfer of Information

Regarding information sent by its users, Teknopanel offers the users with the opportunity to make necessary changes on or delete information.

This privacy policy may be amended by Teknopanel at any time without prior notification, and enters into force from the moment such amendment is made via the website.

Teknopanel website may contain links to other websites. Teknopanel assumes no responsibility on the privacy applications and contents of the website accessed via these links. Information provided by the users may be changed and deleted by the users.

In the event that website is transferred to another party, Teknopanel has the right to hand over the obtained information, including but not limited to personal information it previously obtained in consequence of subscription to the website.


Records arising from the implementation of this procedure are stored.