Despite the restricted quantity of the world’s energy resources, the increase of energy usage day by day raises the importance of global warming and climate change issues. Excessive energy usage of due to heat loss in buildings lead to an increase in building expenses. However, heat loss can be prevented through thermal insulation with the correct materials and thicknesses in buildings.

With the functional and economical Teknopor EPS (Ekspande Polistiren) products as the most preferred construction materials for new buildings and renovation of existing constructions, we provide insulation solutions at each and every point of buildings from foundation to roof and outer walls to flooring.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Product Ranges
Teknopor and Graphite Teknopor Thermal Insulation Boards, Teknopor Perforated Thermal Insulation Board, Teknopor Light Filler Blocks, Teknopor Geotek Floor Filler, and Teknopor Jamb Block are among the wide range of EPS products that are produced at foundations with modern technology. Moreover, Teknopanel presents exterior thermal insulation system products under the brand of Teknosistem to its customers.