We embarked on this journey with a dream.

What do we build walls for?

The first answer would be buildings.
But what really mattered were those within.
These are what make our job a work of passion, 
And give life to the panels, roofs and ceilings we produce.

Although we build spaces surrounded by walls,
We have always sought ideas that went outside the box.
We struggled, we labored, and we felt exhausted at times, but we never gave up.
In the end, we have gathered our ideas under a single roof,
and made our dreams a reality, one by one.

This is why we are the leading insulated panel producer in Turkey,
and why we work tirelessly day and night
to become a homegrown global player. 

Because for us, doing our job well, taking our place at the top and having the strength to compete with anyone are indispensable parts of our business.
And you only become a leader when you understand why you work,
and whom your work touches.

We do not simply protect buildings; 
We protect those who live and work within, their fortunes and capital, their ideas and hard work, and their values and aspirations.

And this understanding of our work,
is how we carry the flag of leadership with pride.

And we pledge to fly this flag and represent our country to the best of our ability,
wherever we provide our services.

Because we want the whole world to know;

Sandwich panel means