Сертификат Энергетической Идентичности Здания

As per Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627 and Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings issued parallelly, each building should have an Energy Performance Certificate as of 1 January 2011 in order to ensure efficient use of energy and energy resources in existing or new buildings, prevention of energy wastage and protection of environment. Information on the building’s energy requirement and energy consumption class, greenhouse gas emission level, insulation features, and efficiency of heating and/or cooling systems is specified in this certificate as a minimum. The energy performance certificates are valid for 10 years from the date they are obtained.

Simply put, energy performance classification for air-conditioners or domestic appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines is now valid for buildings. These are classified from A to G. Class A indicates the most effective level, while G indicates the level with lowest efficiency. The certificate showing this classification in buildings is called “Energy Performance Certificate.”

New buildings or buildings under construction should be designed and constructed to have a energy performance class of C at minimum. Buildings to be or currently being constructed and determined to be below class C can not obtain residential permit as per laws. For existing buildings, there is no obligation of having minimum classification level of energy performance certificate.

Сертификат Энергетической Идентичности Здания

Institutions Authorized To Issue Energy Performance Certificate

These are engineers or architects that have SMM (Independent Consultancy and Engineering) certificate from professional chambers and authorization certificate for issuing Energy Performance Certificate, or legal entities that employ engineers or architects having the above Qualifications.

Energy Efficiency Consultancy Companies that are authorized by General Directorate of Renewable Energy and employ engineers or architects with expertise in EKB are regarded as competent bodies to issue Energy Performance Certificate to existing buildings.

Upgrading Your Building To High Energy Class

You can carry out improvements such as maintenance, repair and renovation works in accordance with Energy Efficiency Policy, aiming utilization of energy and energy resources in your building effectively and efficiently, prevention of energy wastage, and protection of the environment.

You can upgrade your energy class with measures such as insulating exterior walls and roof of your building; using double-glazing or insulated glass instead of single-glazing in windows; using energy-efficient products for lighting, heating and cooling; using weather strip and foam to prevent air leakage; heating sanitary water with solar panels.

The issue to be considered here is that only the information belonging to the building itself will be used in calculations. For example, electronic appliances used and differences arising from usage habits will not have an effect on the building’s energy class.

Obtaining An Energy Performance Certificate In High Energy Class

When you have an Energy Performance Certificate; you show annual heating-cooling and other consumption values of the building or an independent part within the building, increase the building’s material value, and provide an insight on energy expenses for the buyer or tenant before selling and leasing procedures.

The government also plans to start incentive initiatives such as “Taxation System According to Energy Class” within the next years in order to upgrade the energy class of buildings.

What is BEP-TR?

Building Energy Performance Software (BEP-TR) refers to a software for the national calculation method used for the Energy Performance Certificate (EKB) as per the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings.

A specialist on Energy Performance Certificate uploads all the information on a building project to the BEP-TR software and calculates the energy efficiency of a building. The specialist issues the Energy Performance Certificate of a building classified as A,B,C,D,E,F,G.