Teknopor EPS products are economic and lightweight thermoplastic construction materials with closed porous structure, composed of 98% air and 2% plastic and derived from petroleum.

Usage areas of Teknopor EPS products grow day by day. Teknopor EPS products in white, pink and gray are generally used for the thermal insulation, core and decorative product requirements of the buildings.

Graphite Teknopor EPS thermal insulation boards are gray due to the graphite addition in their raw material and they provide infrared absorptivity and reflectivity while increasing thermal insulation performance by reducing the material’s thermal conductivity value.

Teknopor EPS Product Ranges

Teknopor EPS products are used in various parts of the buildings from basis to roof and from wall to floor. Teknopor and Graphite Teknopor Thermal Insulation Boards, Teknopor Perforated Thermal Insulation Board, Teknopor Light Filler Blocks, Teknopor Geotek Floor Filler, and Teknopor Jamb Block products are produced at Teknopanel production facilities in desired densities and sized under the brand of Teknopor.