Наша Политика Информационной Безопасности


Field of Activity: Production, Domestic and International Marketing and Sales of Sandwich Panel, Trapezoidal Sheets and EPS Products

We, the employees of TEKNOPANEL ÇATI VE CEPHE PANELLERİ ÜRETİM SANAYİ VE TİC. A.Ş., aim to manage any risk towards our business sustainability and information assets. Thus our Information Security Policy intends to ensure that:

• Our information security management system is documented, certified and continuously improved in a way to fulfill the requirements of ISO 27001 standards,

• Legislation and contracts related to the information security are respected within the institution,

• Performances of information security process are measured by assuring the management of risks towards information assets, and relationships with third parties regarding the information security are regulated,

• The possibility of information security violation is minimized, and a coordinated response is achieved, in case of such violation,

• Motivation and employee satisfaction are increased by achieving mutual trust, respect, affection, understanding and communication among our employees,

• Confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets of our customers are assured within the scope of information security management system,

• All business processes are integrated, coherent and well-balanced,

• Our reputation and brand value in the eye of our employees, customers and suppliers are protected.

This policy shall be implemented as integrated with our other company policies and the policy is under the knowledge and responsibility of senior management.