Легкие Блоки Наполнителя Teknopor

  • Легкие Блоки Наполнителя Teknopor
  • Легкие Блоки Наполнителя Teknopor

Пожалуйста, заполните форму для выбора Продукты EPS в соответствии с потребностями вашего проекта.

Product Features

  • Light filler blocks are EPS lightweight filling materials.
  • Usage in concrete floors of buildings material to reduce floor weight
  • Savings on iron, concrete and moulds used in construction
  • Contribution to earthquake safety without placing additional load on buildings
  • Contribution to thermal and sound insulation when applied between stories
  • White colored
  • Does not cause cracks because it does not absorb water out of cement thanks to its close porous polystyrene structure with 98% air and 2% plastic
  • High flexibility and dimensional stability
  • Lightness, ease of transportation and application
  • Minimum transportation costs
  • Production with densities between 10 kg/m3-30 kg/m3
  • Production by cutting from blocks in sizes of 55x102x404 cm
  • Usage with a minimum thickness of 20 cm
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) between 0.045-0.034 W/mK according to density as per TS ISO 8302
  • Fire performance of E, B1 for EPS raw material as per TS EN 13501-1
  • ISO, G, UTO certificates
  • Environment-friendly material containing gases that are harmful to humans and environment
  • Production in Mersin, Sakarya, Izmir and Istanbul factories


  • Сертификат G
  • TS EN ISO 9001:2015
  • TSE/UTO/16-043   TSE/UTO/16-030

Technical Specifications

Application Information

  • Cement is laid after placing accessories on and between the light filler blocks applied between reinforced concrete beams that carry the flooring.
  • The flooring should be built by laying alum with a thickness of minimum 2 cm on the concrete, on which EPS light filler blocks are applied.
  • In order to prevent cracking risk, glass-fiber mesh is laid on the mould in the lower surface of the light filler block, and a thin layer of plaster with appropriate properties is applied.
  • Finally, paint is applied on the ceiling.


  • In order that reinforced concrete or reinforced concrete-steel composites can be resistant to fire, concrete cover -the outer part of the steel profile or accessory within- should be covered with concrete with a thickness of at least 2,5 cm in floorings.
  • In the event that water, electricity, heating, ventilation and similar installations pass through the floor, the surroundings of the installation should be insulated against fire and smoke without any openings, at least equaling to the fire resistance duration of the flooring.
  • EPS light filler blocks should be vertically aligned with walls or divisions for the purpose of fire insulation in divisions.
  • It is recommended to use this product in accordance with “Recommended Flooring Systems” in TSE-UTO-RD011.

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