Наша Политика Качества

Teknopanel set its quality policy as making world class production to promote improvement and development of Turkey and to meet all expectations of the customers as well as transporting the products to end users through its trustworthy dealer network.

With this object in mind, all activities of Teknopanel A.Ş. are guaranteed in accordance with the scope of TSE EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and this is communicated to all employees. In order to ensure our quality policy’s continuity, we specified our aims as follows:

•    Implementing TSE EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System and improving its efficiency continuously,

•    Adopting the sense of quality service at all units as management and employees as well as creating training programs to ensure employee participation in quality improvement operations,

•    Determining and fulfilling the requirements, demands and expectations of customers and improving customer satisfaction constantly,

•    Continually improving all processes that effect the success of our company and quality of our products,

•    Taking due precautions to protect environment and human health,

•    Fully complying with the national and international standards of legal requirements and product quality,

•    Being an innovative, quality-minded and industry-leading enterprise that keeps up to date with the technological developments.