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Teknopanel’s Recruitment Process

The purpose of selection and placement practices is to recruit candidates who could fit our corporate culture and thereby achieve sustainable success. 

We aim to recruit in a way to support the vision and mission of the company and avoid any type of discrimination during the selection and placement process.

How the Process Works

Selection and placement process has been structured on a competence-based approach to place the candidates in the right positions. HR and line managers work together during this process. 

HR manages the pre-assessment process and invites the candidate for an interview, during which they explore whether the candidate fits the corporate culture and whether the candidate’s qualifications match the requirements of the position.

Following this stage, the line manager meets the candidate this time to evaluate their professional knowledge. Once all these stages are over, the candidate is notified of the final result.

How to Apply

To apply for a specific position, please click on “Vacancies”. You can also send your resume to for your general applications.