PUR/PIR Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels

Composed of polyol and isocyanurate, Polyurethane (PUR) is a rigid foam that is created by using special materials and under the specific production conditions. It provides an outstanding thermal insulation as it has closed cell structure.

PUR insulation core is the right choice for perfect thermal insulation on the wall panels of buildings. Moreover, the FM-approved PIR insulation core, the version of PUR with closed cell structure with an increased fire resistance performance, is essential for buildings with a fire risk.

Production Choices of PUR/PIR Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels

High in energy efficiency, offering comfortable and reliable environments, and in compliance with international standards, PUR and PIR insulated Sandwich Wall Panels both cover your building and allow for an aesthetical appearance with external or secret fixing options, and with lined, micro lined and deep lined surface types.

PUR/PIR insulated sandwich wall panels offer both aesthetic and smart solutions for your buildings thanks to its sandwich roof panels produced at desired heights ranging from 2-12 meters, in thicknesses ranging from 40-200 mm and in a wide range of colors.

Usage Areas of PUR/PIR Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels

Industrial Tests
Commercial Buildings
Residential Buildings
Cold Storages
Agriculture and Husbandry Buildings
Power Plants