PUR/PIR Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels

You can ensure perfect thermal insulation on your buildings with PUR/PIR insulated airtight sandwich roof panels. In order to ensure that your building is fire resistant, you can choose PIR, the FM approved insulation alternative to PUR with a higher fire resistance performance.

Production Alternatives of PUR/PIR Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels: 

Creating energy-efficient, comfortable and reliable environments, PUR and PIR insulated Sandwich Roof Panels that are in compliance with international standards allow the desired spans to be securely loaded with their 3 and 5 rib forms.

PUR/PIR insulated sandwich roof panels offer both aesthetic and smart solutions for your buildings thanks to its sandwich roof panels produced at desired lengths ranging from 2-15 meters, in thicknesses ranging from 40-200 mm and in a wide range of colors.

Usage Areas of PUR/PIR Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels: 

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Cold Storages
  • Residential Buildings 
  • Power Plants
  • Agricultural and Husbandry Buildings