• EPS Jamb Block
  • EPS Jamb Block

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Product Features

  • Exterior wall decoration material; usage in jamb block production
  • Dry and moisture-free transportation by settling after production
  • Homogenous density
  • Flexibility and ease of process
  • Production without using recyclable materials
  • White colored
  • Lightness, ease of transportation and application
  • Production with densities between
  • 14 kg/m3-30 kg/m3
  • Standard production in sizes of 55x102x202 cm
  • Fire performance of E, B1 for EPS raw material as per TS EN 13501-1
  • Environment-friendly material containing gases that are harmful to humans and environment
  • Production in Mersin, Sakarya, Izmir and Istanbul factories

Technical Specifications

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