Teknosistem Exterior Thermal Insulation Systems

Exterior thermal insulation systems provide excellent heat insulation in all kinds of buildings for 4 seasons. Thermally insulated buildings remain warm in winter and cool in summer, while mold, decay and odors are prevented. Therefore, your building is protected against the effects of aging, and contributes to human health and environmental protection.

As the exterior thermal insulation systems brand under Turkey’s leader brand Teknopanel, Teknosistem offers system solutions by customizing all thermal insulation boards, adhesive and decorative plaster product ranges and installation accessories according to the needs of your building for exterior thermal insulation systems with superior features.

By applying Teknosistem for exterior thermal insulation, you prevent occurrence of thermal bridges in reinforced concrete surfaces such as walls, column, beams etc., and achieve energy savings of up to 50% on your building’s energy expenses by reducing heat loss and gain. Moreover, your building can become safer and longer-lasting upon prevention of cracks, corrosion etc. structural damages that may occur in your building’s walls.

Restricted quantity of the world’s energy resources are reducing day by day. Thermal insulation comes to the forefront as the most important energy saving method in the current picture.

In our country that experiences all four seasons, we need heating in winter and cooling in summer for comfortable living spaces. With thermal insulation applied correctly in buildings, we can prevent thermal bridges that may occur in reinforced concrete surfaces such as exterior walls, column, beams etc., and minimize heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Therefore, we can save on excess energy, and achieve energy efficiency.

Teknosistem thermal insulation surrounds the buildings in all sides, and prevents heat transmission. Thus, it contributes to national and family economy. It prevents situations such as moisture, mold, condensation and cracks that have negative effects on human health and building structure. It minimizes maintenance and repair costs, and reduces energy expenses by 50%. It ensures recovery of insulation expenditures within a short time as 3 years. Moreover, it complies with thermal insulation obligation under “Building Energy Performance Certificate” aiming energy savings, and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas and dust emission, and protection of the ecological balance.