Cold Storage Sandwich Panels

Turkey’s sandwich panel leader Teknopanel allows you to make perfect thermal insulation at your cold storages. With Teknopanel’s cold storage sandwich panels, therefore, the heat is controlled only by you.

With their perfect joint feature, Teknopanel Cold Storage Sandwich Panels come to the forefront as the most correct choice in the cladding and thermal insulation processes of the cold rooms or cold storage areas needed by sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, chemistry, health, etc. Cold storage sandwich panels protect the heat you desire, and take under control the heating and cooling processes. Therefore, it ensures energy efficiency.

Along with their airtight structure preventing heat loss, cold storage sandwich panels offer smart solutions for your cold storage areas by being an economic investment, as well as with their features of easy assembling and quick installation.

In order to ensure the best thermal insulation, PUR and PIR insulation cores compatible with the international standards are used for Teknopanel’s cold storage sandwich panels. With different joint detail alternatives, cold storage sandwich panels offer you energy-efficient, hygienic, and safe environments. Produced at various thicknesses ranging from 80 mm to 200 mm, cold storage sandwich panels have lined and flat surface types, as well as stainless steel and PVC film laminated surface options.