Sandwich Panel

We are proud to be Turkey’s leading sandwich panel manufacturer with our production in 40.000 m² of indoor area in our Mersin, Sakarya and Izmir factories, which are among the most modern sandwich panel production facilities in Europe. We fabricate all products under the roof of Teknopanel by following the developing technology, on automatic and continuous lines, and with high quality; and day by day, we construct stronger buildings.

We proudly carry the leadership flag of sandwich panel production in Turkey with our 460 employees and an annual total production of 13.5 million m² of sandwich panel on 4 production lines at our facilities of advanced technology.

Moreover, with the 46.000 m² of new area in Izmir that we added to our structure in 2016, we aim to become a global brand by increasing the size of our sandwich panel plants to 115.000 m².

  • 1. Decoiler
  • 2. Corona Unit
  • 3. Roll Forming Machine
  • 4. Mineral Wool Board Feeding System
  • 5. PUR / PIR Foaming System
  • 6. Double Belt Press
  • 7. Cutting Unit
  • 8. Cooling Unit
  • 9. Stocking Unit
  • 10. Packing Unit