Teknosistem Exterior Thermal Insulation Components

Thermal bridges in outer walls, doors, roofs, floors and installations of buildings transfer heat from exterior environment and cause loss of a very significant portion of the energy we spend. Teknosistem exterior thermal insulation system eliminates the thermal bridge at buildings, decreases the energy that we consume for creating comfortable environments and enables us to economize our energy expenses.

As the external thermal insulation systems brand under Turkey’s leader brand Teknopanel, Teknosistem offers system solutions by customizing all thermal insulation boards, adhesive and decorative plaster product ranges and installation accessories according to the needs of your building for exterior thermal insulation systems with superior features.

  1. Teknosistem Teknopor or Graphite t Teknopor EPS Thermal Insulation Board
  2. Teknosistem Adhesive Mortar
  3. Teknosistem Plaster Mortar
  4. Teknosistem Mineral Textured Decorative Plaster
  5. Teknosistem Glass-Fiber Mesh
  6. Teknosistem PVC Corner Profile - Meshed
  7. Teknosistem Wall Plug
  8. Teknosistem Socle Profile
  9. Teknosistem Joint Profile