DHA: "Sandwich panel and EPS products manufacturer is still the leader in ICI 500 list"

2022 results of the Türkiye’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises - ICI 500 survey that has been issued by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry since 1968 was announced. Teknopanel, having the largest sandwich panel and EPS products manufacturing capacity in Türkiye, ranked 330th in Türkiye’s most established and comprehensive survey ICI 500 that sheds a light on the annual performance of the Turkish industry.

Sharing his remarks on the subject, Teknopanel General Manager Orhan Kahveci said, “We are proud to be the only brand of our sector this year again in the ICI Top 500 list, which bears important clues about the current state of the Turkish industry and announces to the public the success of companies that make our country proud. We proceed on our way with the pride of the leadership flag we have carried for the 9th time in a row, and we continue to take firm steps towards our goals with the right strategic decisions, value-added products, and our sales and marketing power at home and abroad, which increases year over year.”

We provide added value to the Turkish economy

Teknopanel was ranked 330th in this year’s list with its performance achievements over the one-year period. Stating that they are carrying the Turkish flag across the world in a niche industry such as sandwich panels and EPS products, Orhan Kahveci said, “Today, we serve our industry with our 4 production facilities with an annual production capacity of 13.5 million square meters of sandwich panels and 1.6 million cubic meters of EPS products on an area of 123 thousand square meters. As a company with 100% domestic capital, we export to 104 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North and South America, and we represent our country worldwide. We work day and night with a workforce of over 500, using all the resources we have efficiently to provide employment and added value to the country’s economy.”

Increased sales by 9%

Emphasizing that they increased their sales by 9% in 2022, Teknopanel General Manager Orhan Kahveci said, “We deliver our products to our customers quickly with more than 150 authorized service points in Türkiye and more than 120 solution partners abroad. We promote Teknopanel products on a global scale with our professional sales and marketing team.

Our industry’s first and only R&D center gives Teknopanel the chance to design and develop innovative products, allowing us to improve our processes and produce sustainable and custom products for our customers.”

“We are aware of our environmental and social responsibility”

Stating that they mobilized all their resources in line with the sandwich roof and facade panel demands of prefabricated building and container house manufacturers for the construction of container cities as part of the project carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce and AFAD due to the earthquake disaster in February, Kahveci said, “We made non-stop production every day to supply polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulated sandwich roof and facade panels of 2.8 million square meter for the construction of 43 thousand container houses as the first phase of the project.

With the same sense of responsibility, Kahveci underlined that energy efficiency and savings have become even more important with the climate crisis and said, “We reduce our carbon footprint with the measures and improvements we take in our production processes. Thanks to the solar panels on the roof of our production facility in Mersin, we produce approximately 2,400 megawatts of electricity from our installed capacity of 1.6 megawatts on an annual basis. We recently completed the solar power projects in our Sakarya and Izmir manufacturing facilities and increased our installed capacity to 3.6 megawatts. With the aim of sustainability and creating a more livable environment , we continue to pursue our green transformation projects sensibly by paying attention to our R&D and innovation studies for our processes and products.”

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