Haberturk.com: "Teknopanel creates the difference with its R&D activities"

Established in 2005 in Mersin, Teknopanel continues to lead the industry through projects it carries out at the R&D Center. 

Stating that they operate in the sandwich panel and EPS products industry with the production facilities in Mersin, Sakarya, İzmir and İstanbul, Teknopanel General Manager Orhan Kahveci said: ‘We made an important investment for our sector and operationalize the first and only R&D Center of the industry at our Mersin factory thanks to the certificate we received from the T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2019.’

Mr. Kahveci said: ‘At the test, experiment, and product development laboratories at our R&D Center, we put effort to provide value added products to the industry through our team who are professional and have a deep knowledge in their area. Our ever-growing R&D team consists of 14 engineers, 12 technician, and 2 support personnel. Besides, we conduct projects and research in cooperation with the estimable faculty members at Tarsus University, Mersin University, Cukurova University, and Duzce University. Our goal is to increase savings and productivity in our business processes, and to ensure quality, sustainability, and diversity in our products. We attend the national and international science conferences and present our reports therein. In 2021, we attended the IMSEC2021, 33rd National Chemistry Congress, 5th International Ege Composite Materials Symposium, and International Characterization Symposium.’

‘We Know that We Should Produce Innovative Solutions as a Brand’

Commenting on the non-stop R&D activities carried out by Teknopanel, Mr. Kahveci said: ‘We cherish the R&D and innovation studies and follow such these sensitively. We know that we should produce innovative solutions as a brand. Among our studies, we have a patent-pending project on bringing incombustibility to polyurethane of which the studies are finalized and trial runs are performed industrially. We also develop products such as panels with cable trunking and flexible sandwich panel which will create a new market in the sector with the innovative product and design works.

We improve and develop production processes to increase efficiency and provide savings. We completed the machine designs for new products, which are developed through our automation- and innovation-driven process development projects at our sandwich panel lines, to be used at the production lines. We developed an innovative precaution by decreasing the foil use by 80% approximately through the R&D studies on protective foil which is used to prevent metal outer sheet of sandwich panels from scratching, fouling, and crushing during the production.

We work on the environmental consciousness projects which enable to have new products by recycling the post-production scraps with a purpose of decreasing the carbon footprint.

We convey our knowledge, which is the fruit of our 22-year experience, to the SMEs through scientific mentorship and put our signature under the social responsibility projects.’

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