Минеральная Фактурная Декоративная Штукатурка Раствор

  • Минеральная Фактурная Декоративная Штукатурка Раствор

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Product Specifications

Teknosistem Mineral Textured Decorative Plaster is a white cement-based, one-component and 2 mm mineral particle-textured decorative wall coating material with polymer addition, applied on top layer with a trowel.

Areas of Application

It is applied on interior and exterior wall plasters as the decorative topcoat material in exterior thermal insulation systems.

Preparation of Surfaces

  • The application surface and thermal insulation boards should be durable and cleaned of dust, grease, tar, bitumen, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and moulding oils that prevent adhesion.
  • Before application, decorative plaster lining is applied on the surface with brush or roller.


  • 5 kg Teknosistem Mineral Textured Decorative Plaster (White-Coarse) is added in the quantity of fresh water stated in the technical specifications table, and mi􏰂ed with a preferably low-speed mixer until there is no lump left.
  • The prepared mortar is dried and matured for 5-10 minutes, and remi􏰂ed 1-2 minutes before starting application.
  • The prepared mortar should be consumed within 3 hours. Mortar should not be used after expiry of usage period.

Application Information

  • The material should be applied on the surface with a steel trowel, and spread on the whole surface in equal thickness.
  • Application thickness should be adjusted to the coarsest aggregate.
  • Patterns should be formed on the plaster with circular movements using a plastic trowel within 10 minutes at the latest while the material is still wet.
  • If the air temperature is high after completion of the application, the surface should be humidified until the cement is stiffened.


  • Application should be avoided at temperatures below +5°C and above +35°C.
  • The application should be performed ceaselessly ifpossible, or conducted separately by dividing thesurface into areas of approximately 20 m2 if it isnecessary to have a break.
  • Application with a plastic trowel should be startedwithin approximately 10 minutes at the latest, withoutallowing formation of a film layer on the plaster.
  • Application should be avoided in areas that arefrozen, have the risk of freezing within 24 hours, orare directly exposed to sun and wind.
  • Application should not be performed and protectivemeasures should be taken if snow or severe cold isexpected within one week until the cement isstiffened after the application.
  • No powder and water should be added to mortarafter expiry of usage period.
  • The product should not be applied on horizontalsurfaces that get wet in the rain.
  • The values above are valid for a temperature of+23°C and relative humidity of 50%.


25 kg kraft bag


They can be stored for 12 months by being stacked maximum 10 layers of unopened packages on palette in dry environment.

Technical Specifications of Mineral Textured Decorative Plaster

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