The features of the construction and its environmental conditions are of great importance when EPS exterior thermal insulation system is implemented. Before starting the implementation of exterior thermal insulation system, required controls and materials preparation should be made.

  • Socle profile is installed at first in order for exterior thermal insulation system to be balanced and proper.
  • The adhesive mortar is prepared in accordance with the instructions written on the back of the package and it is implemented on thermal insulation sheet.
  • Thermal insulation sheet is placed on socle profile and adhered to the wall. 
  • In order to ensure that the exterior thermal insulation system is long-lasting in terms of continuity, mechanic joint is applied with plugs.
  • PVC meshed corner profile is implemented to ensure that edges and corners of building’s window, door and the like are impact-resistant.
  • After two layers of surface plaster are dried, top-coating is implemented with mineral textured decorative plaster.
  • Finally, the process is completed with the application of exterior wall lining and painting.