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Product Features

Teknosistem Adhesive Mortar is a cement-based, high-performing flexible adhesive mortar with polymer addition and high stability, prepared specifically for EPS thermal insulation boards.

Areas of Application

It is used for adhering EPS thermal insulation boards on interior and exterior walls of all kinds of buildings.

Preparation of Surfaces

  • Ensure that the application surface is cured and durable.
  • The application surface should be cleaned of dust, grease, tar, bitumen, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and moulding oils that prevent adhesion. Any deformation on the application surface should be smoothed.
  • The application surface should be warmed and kept humid.

Preparation of Mortar

  • 25 kg Teknosistem Adhesive Mortar is added in the quantity of fresh water stated in the technical specifications table, and mixed with a preferably low-speed mixer until there is no lump left.
  • The prepared mortar is dried and matured for 5-10 minutes, and remixed 1-2 minutes before starting application.
  • The prepared mortar should be consumed within 3 hours. Mortar should not be used after expiry of usage period.

Application Information

Application methods vary according to flatness of the surface.

  • Method for Adhering on the whole Surface: If the surface is flat, the adhesive mortar is applied on the whole thermal insulation board with a trowel or suitably notched trowel.
  • Method for Strip and Point Application: If there are level differences on the surface, the adhesive mortar is applied as a strip along all edges of the back, and as points in the middle parts, of the thermal insulation board with a trowel.
  • The boards applied with Teknosistem Adhesive Mortar are adhered to the wall by pressing firmly.
  • While adhering, it is checked by straight edge or a water gauge whether the boards are aligned.
  • Wall plugs should be mechanically applied on thermal insulation boards at least 24 hours after adhering, according to ambient temperature and surface features.


  • Application should be avoided at temperatures below +5 OC and above +35 OC.
  • Application should be avoided in areas that are frozen, have the risk of freezing within 24 hours, or are directly exposed to sun and wind.
  • No powder and water should be added to mortar after expiry of usage period.
  • Thermal insulation boards should be placed with as minimum gaps as possible in order to prevent heat transfer.
  • Attention should be paid not to use boards that have exposed to sunlight for a long time and lose their quality.
  • The values above are valid for a temperature of +23 OC and relative humidity of 50%.


25 kg kraft bag


They can be stored for 12 months by being stacked maximum 10 layers of unopened packages on palette in dry environment.

Technical Specifications

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