Применение Дюбели На Теплоизоляционной Плиты EPS

Mechanic joint is applied with wall plugs at least 24 hours after adhering the thermal insulation boards on the wall in order to prevent damage from the wind’s vacuum power, and to ensure long-lasting system continuity and performance.

The ideal number of wall plugs to be used is determined according to the building’s height and environmental conditions. In general, at least 6 wall plugs are applied per m2 of the building surface (4 in joints of boards horizontally and vertically, and 2 in the middle).

The number of wall plugs to be used in boards on the building’s corners should be increased due to wind force. 6 wall plugs should be used up to 8 meters, 8 wall plugs between 8-20 meters, and 10 wall plugs for 20 meters and above.

On the corners of buildings, wall plugs should be applied from the inside for at least 10 cm in addition to board thickness. The wall plugs to be used should be selected according to wall features. Counterboring by using apparatus is needed in order to place the wall plug head completely and to prevent thickness (Figure 1).

The location of the wall plug is drilled. The size of the hole should be 1 cm larger than the size of wall plug (Figure 2).

Wall plugs are placed in the holes, and nails are completely driven (Figure 3).

After the wall plugs are placed in counterboring hole, the gaps around the wall plug is filled with the same plaster before applying the first layer of plaster.

In order to achieve a proper exterior wall surface, wall plug heads should be aligned with the surface of installation boards.

Применение Дюбели На Теплоизоляционной Плиты EPS