DHA: ''Industrialists are mobilized for container cities''

The Ministry of Industry introduced export ban for container houses and prefabricated constructions in order to meet the need for shelter due to the earthquakes and the domestic manufacturers used every means available for 11 cities under the coordination of AFAD.

Turkish industrialists came together for the temporary need for shelter due to the earthquakes that occurred on February 6. Prefabricated construction and container house companies as well as the manufacturers of sandwich panels used in the building of such constructions rolled up their sleeves in order to meet the need for shelter. Teknopanel, İSO 500 company that manufactures sandwich panels used in the building of container house and prefabricated construction, mobilized all of its manufacturing and logistics capacities to meet the supply needs of container house manufacturers. The company made an agreement for the production of polyisocyanate (PIR) insulated sandwich roof and wall panel of 2.8 million square meters in total until the end of June for the first stage of container city project.

The Ministry of Trade communicated with the manufacturers

Within the body of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, a crisis center was set up where the organized industrial zones (OIZ), industrialists and NGOs that compose the ecosystem of supply, production, and logistics, will work in coordination with AFAD The Ministry of Industry announced that container house and prefabricated construction export is banned for 3 months as of February 15 in order to meet the need for temporary shelter following the earthquakes which occurred on February 6 and their successive earthquakes. The Ministry also communicated with Panelder (Continuous Insulated Panel Manufacturers Association), the only NGO in the sandwich panel industry. As part of the project carried out under the coordination of AFAD, it was decided that collaboration will be made with the large-scale container construction manufacturers of the industry.

Teknopanel General Manager Orhan Kahveci stated that they are the manufacturing leader with their 4 lines of production in the sandwich panel industry and said: "As the biggest supplier of manufacturers of prefabricated construction and container house in Türkiye, Teknopanel used its every means available. We continue non-stop production every weekday to meet the demand of manufacturers."

It will contribute to the construction of approximately 43 thousand container houses by July

Sandwich panel manufacturer meets the relevant companies' demand of 2.8 million square meters insulated sandwich roof and wall panel for the construction of container cities as part of the project under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and AFAD. Stating that they have a capacity of sandwich panel production of 800 thousand square meters on a monthly average, Orhan Kahveci said: "70 square meters sandwich panel is required for the production of one container. The orders we have received as part of the project so far meet the sandwich panel roof and wall panel required for the construction of 43 thousand container houses. We also provided around 200 thousand square meters of rock woo and PUR-insulated sandwich wall panels for container cities established in the regions affected from the earthquakes during the first days following the disaster."

Production capacity of 13.5 million square meters

Expressing that they have been operating since 2005 and are in the position of the greatest supplier of the industry in terms of production capacity, Teknopanel General Manager Orhan Kahveci ended his reviews with the following statements: "We execute quite an active production process at the strategical points of Türkiye with our production facilities in Mersin (34 thousand square meters), Sakarya (35 thousand square meters), İzmir (46 thousand square meters), and Istanbul (8 thousand square meters). Our annual total production capacity is 13.5 million square meters for sandwich panel and 1.6 million cubic meters for EPS products. We will increase our global production capacity by putting our first overseas facility in North Macedonia into operation in the second half of 2023. As a company which established the first R&D center of the industry in Türkiye, Teknopanel's facilities where production is made at high-quality standards are among the most modern facilities of the Europe. In relation to the disaster, we are ready to do more for the needs of the region in an emergency state under the coordination of our ministries and AFAD."

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