Haberler.com-"Huge Investment Decision from Teknopanel to North Macedonia"

As the industry-leading company in sandwich panel and EPS products, Teknopanel took a huge investment decision worth 16 million 250 thousand Euro and made a crucial step towards strengthening its market in the Balkans and Europe.

Operating for 16 years as the greatest solution partner in insulation materials of the construction industry, Teknopanel has taken a decision to make an investment to abroad apart from its production facilities in Mersin, Sakarya, İzmir and İstanbul with a total area of 123 thousand m2 and is getting ready to establish a factory with an area of 54 thousand m2 in North Macedonia where sandwich panel and EPS products to be manufactured.

Teknopanel General Manager Orhan Kahveci has met with the President of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev in the previous days to discuss about the investment decision. Kahveci said: ‘We discussed about the details of our investment worth of 16 million 250 thousand Euro with the President Zaev. We have mentioned that the area of activity of the new facility that we will establish on an area of 54 thousand m2 in total, including 12 thousand m2 closed area, within the free zone in the North Macedonia’s capital city Skopje will be the manufacturing of sandwich panel and EPS products. We also told that annual production capacity of the factory is planned to be 3,5 million m2 for sandwich panel and 350 thousand m3 for EPS products. In addition, we explained that our goal is to put EPS production line into use in 2022 and the sandwich panel production line in 2023. The President Zaev expressed their appreciation for their country to be chosen and the contribution we will provide to production and employment in the construction sector, and stated that he wholeheartedly supports our investment decision.

The General Manager Kahveci ended his words as follows: ‘Today, in the international market that we got into with our first export in to Iraq 2007, we are the leading brand among the most preferred brands around the world. We reach Teknopanel products to 95 countries on the Asia, Africa, North and South America continents. We believe that we will increase our competitiveness in the global market with our overseas factory and strengthen our presence in the Balkans and North Macedonia significantly. We have the aim of increasing sandwich panel sales to 2,5 million m2, which we make annually 650 thousand m2 to the Balkans including Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Poland and Hungary as well as creating a new market with a 250 thousand m3 sales in EPS products. We take firm steps toward growth with our new investments by incorporating new service points from the east to the west, from the north to the south. We continue to work non-stop to carry the flag of Teknopanel as a Turkish brand around the world and to contribute the Turkish economy.’

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