Haberturk.com - Aydın: "Energy Conservation over 50% in thermal insulation with EPS"

Teknopanel EPS Sales Manager Fatih Aydın emphasized the importance of thermal insulation and said: ‘With an accurate thermal insulation we can ensure an energy conservation over 50%, decrease heat losses and temperature increases, prevent heat transfer among the environments.’

Fatih Aydın noted that fuels such as oil and natural gas, which cover an important part of the energy need around the world and have limited reserves, are exhausted rapidly today and said: ‘In a world where energy need constantly increases while the resources are drained out rapidly, several different programs have been carried out to use energy in a more productive way. Thermal insulation comes to the forefront as one of the most successful tools for energy saving. In our country, which experiences all four seasons as a result of its geographical position, energy consumption increases every passing day since it is both used for heating in winter and cooling in summer. 70% of the required energy is imported, while 30-40% of it is consumed in buildings. Several policies have been developed regarding the energy efficiency in our country to ensure energy conservation and efficiency, security of energy supply, to decrease the risks of external dependence, to protect the environment, and to contribute the fight against climate change.’

 Teknopanel EPS Sales Manager Fatih Aydın stated that: ‘Together with “Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings” that was entered into force for energy efficiency in buildings, the obligation of obtaining “Building Energy Performance Certificate” was imposed for existing and new buildings. heat losses in the buildings occur through exterior walls (50%), roofs (25%), windows and doors (20%), ground floor and foundation walls (10%). The energy saving achieved by the thermal insulation in your building reduces your heat and electricity expenses by 50%, and ensures more efficient use of energy and natural resources.’

‘Thermal insulation awareness gradually increases in our country’

‘We increase the heat by using fuel such as coal and natural gas in order not to feel cold in winter, and reduce the heat with cooling devices such as air-conditioning systems in summer,’ said Fatih Aydın and he continues: ‘We spend a large quantity of energy during these heating and cooling processes. With an accurate thermal insulation we can ensure an energy conservation over 50%, decrease heat losses and temperature increases, prevent heat transfer among the environments. It also prolongs the life and increases the value of buildings. Thermal insulation should definitely be realized to lead a healthy life, take measures against global warming by reducing the consumption of natural resources, create a health environment and protect national economy. Thermal insulation applications that provide energy efficiency can be considered an additional cost in terms of initial investments of projects. However, significant economic achievements are derived when the rate of return is calculated.’

Aydın lastly noted that: ‘Applying thermal insulation to a building provides energy conservation over 50% and, considering that 33% of total energy consumption is made in dwellings, we see how applying thermal insulation to the buildings with a thermal insulation awareness is important. We know that there are approximately 20-22 million dwellings in our country and only 20% part of it is insulted.

As Teknopanel, the leader of the sector, we continue our operations with our 1.6 million m3 EPS production capacity at the production facilities in Mersin, Sakarya, İzmir and İstanbul. We reach to our customers in 66 cities with around 75 dealers through our almost full capacity sales and marketing actions, and we provide service with our brands Teknopor EPS Thermal Insulation products and Teknosistem exterior thermal insulation systems.

We carry out awareness-raising activities on insulation both as institutionally in the sector and through our dealers and EPS Industry Association. We organize seminars and continue our studies in different regions working cooperatively with EPSDER about EPS and thermal insulation, standards and regulations, and energy efficiency.

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