Haberturk.com- "Teknopanel Climbed 121 Rows Up in the List of "ICI 500"

Teknopanel ranked in the list of ‘Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises’, which leads the Turkish economy and is annually organized by İstanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI), and became the industry leader for the 7th time consecutively. Ranking 491st place of the list last year, Teknopanel ranks in the 370th place by climbing up 121 rows this year.

The results of the survey of Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises-2020, which is annually organized by İstanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI), was announced. Teknopanel climbed 121 rows up compared to the previous year and ranked the 370th biggest industrial enterprise in Turkey. The company also continues to fly the industrial leadership flag it has been carrying for 7 years.

Orhan Kahveci, the General Manager of Teknopanel says: ‘We are proud to be the industry-leader for the 7th time consecutively in the list of ICI Top 500, which qualifies as a reference for the improvement of industrial sector in Turkey. I congratulate our Teknopanel employees, dealers and suppliers who have contributed greatly to this point of pride. As a Turkish company established with 100% national capital, we take firm steps forward to become a world brand with our ever-growing goals in each year. We provide service to 95 countries in 5 continents with our 480 employees and Teknopanel products manufactured at our factories in Mersin, Sakarya, İzmir and İstanbul through continuing our sales and marketing operations both in Turkey and abroad.’

"We Have Continued Production Without Interruption"

Stating that they have never had a breakdown during many economic crises in Turkey and abroad since 2005, Kahveci, the General Manager of Teknopanel says: ‘We have continued the production and R&D investments to keep Turkish economy alive with our ever-growing goals in each year. We followed the COVID-19 measurements taken by the government to the full extent and carried on business in the production lines as well as in sales and marketing operations as per the scope defined by the circular letters. In this period, we have become the solution partner of many top-line projects, especially the Field Hospitals put into service in İstanbul. We continued the sales operations with an expansionary policy that we pursue in the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. As a Turkish brand, we are proud to keep producing, provide employment opportunities and contribute to the economy through exportation for 16 years. I would like to express my thanks to all companies taking part in ICI's "Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises” survey, which is instrumental in the progression of production economics of Turkey.’

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