Haberturk.com-"Our year-end exporting goal is 25 million dollar"

As the General Manager of Teknopanel, which is the industry leading company in Turkey in the manufacturing and exporting of sandwich panel and EPS products, Orhan Kahveci commentated the export numbers of September and reported that the export shares reached to 30% this year in the first 9 months when compared to the last year’s share which was 18%.

Giving a written press briefing on the subject upon the announcement of export, which was realized as 16.13 billion dollar with an increase by 48.8% in September, Teknopanel General Manager Orhan Kahveci said: ‘According to the General Trading System (GTS), export numbers exceeded their pre-pandemic level by increasing to the level of 16 billion 13 million dollar with an increase of 4.84% when compared to the same period of the last year. With this increase, we have reached to the highest export value of 2020 as a country while all-time the highest export value for September has been realized.’


Stating that they, as Teknopanel, bot contribute to the country economy and take place among the important shareholders of the industry through exporting to 94 countries in the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, General Manager Orhan Kahveci said: ‘We add value both to the employment and export in our country with our four production facilities and 460 employees in Mersin, Sakarya, İzmir and İstanbul. During the pandemic, we have continued production unremittingly by taking all the measures against COVID-19 outbreak. We have increased our export share to 30% this year in the first 9 months, while this rate was 18% last year. Our year-end exporting goal is to reach 25 million dollar. In these days, when the all-time highest export for September is realized, it is an honor and proud for us, as Teknopanel, to contribute to Turkish economy.’

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