- "We have achieved growth by 48% compared to the last year"

Teknopanel Sandwich Panel Turkey Sales Manager Sercan Zeyrek says: ‘We have achieved growth by 48% compared to the last year with around 3 million square meters sandwich panel that we sold and dispatched in the third quarter along with the increased use of qualified products such as rock wool and PIR insulated sandwich panels as well as cold storage in the projects.'

Stating that the global pandemic and the accompanying economic recession affected the industry of construction products greatly, as it affected other sectors, Teknopanel Sandwich Panel Turkey Sales Manager Sercan Zeyrek says: ‘Investments decreased in the first half of the year and the sector regressed as compared to the last year. Together with the planned and controlled transition to economic and social life, hardships in financing were started to be surmounted through credit packages provided as a result of the increasing government support. Removing the restrictions gradually increased the trust put in the context and ensured the continuation of works -which had started in COVID-19 period-, making new investments and getting new orders. At Teknopanel, all kinds of measures were taken in consideration of the health of our all stakeholders including our employees, suppliers and visitors at our production facilities in Mersin, Sakarya, İzmir and İstanbul. We successfully continued our works nonstop in a secure and hygienic working environment. We met the demands of our dealers -who rely on us- and the industrialists -whose investments we are a part of- timely, in full and precisely and hold them harmless. We supplied rock wool roof and wall sandwich panels around 90 thousand square meters to be used in the projects of Sancaktepe and Atatürk Airport Field Hospitals as well as in hospital and lodging buildings, with a pride of being one of their business partners, in a period when COVID-19 disease arose in our country.


‘We have started to receive new orders upon the recovery of the industry after second quarter,’ says Zeyrek and he adds: ‘With the increased use of specific products such as rock wool and PIR insulated sandwich panels as well as cold storage and laminated membrane roof panels, we have broken a record by making sandwich panel sales and delivery over 1 million square meters per month in the last period. As the only company of the sector, which sheds light on the country’s industry and is listed for the sixth time in a row in ISO First Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, we have proved our power and leadership once again. We focus on the better to work perfectly by keeping all production, planning, sales and marketing processes under supervision and today, we continue to carry our products, which we produce with our industry expert teams, production technology and R&D center, with pride to every corner of the world through our extensive sales and marketing network.’

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