Secret Fix Deep Lined Wall Panel

PUR/PIR Insulated Secret Fix Deep Lined Wall Panel

  • Secret Fix Deep Lined Wall Panel
  • Secret Fix Deep Lined Wall Panel

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Product Features

  • Lined, micro lined, deep lined and sinus & lined surface type options
  • Prepainted galvanized steel or aluminum inner and outer sheet alternatives
  • Production in various color options
  • Both vertical and horizontal cladding
  • Secret fixing joint detail
  • Fire performance according to TS EN 13501-1,B-s2; d0 for PUR insulated wall panels,B-s1; d0 for PIR insulated wall panels
  • Production flexibility at any ordered length between 2 m - 12 m
  • Core thickness options: lined and micro lined panels 40-50-60-70-75-80-100-120-150-180-200 mm; deep lined panels 40-50-60 mm
  • According to TS EN 14509, U values range between 0,67 – 0,11 W/m2K for lined and micro lined 0,67 – 0,42 W/m2K for deep lined depending on the panel thickness
  • Mineral Wool insulation alternative besides PUR and PIR* insulation
  • ISO, TSE, CE quality certificates and FM Approval Certificate*
  • Production at the factories in Mersin, Izmir and Sakarya (Deep lined production at Izmir factory, Sinus & lined production at Sakarya factory)

Application Areas

  • Industrial Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Social Constructors
  • Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
  • Power Plants


  • CE document
  • TSE
  • TSE EN ISO 9001: 2008
  • FM Approved

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